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#1 2020-09-08 12:19:16

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Question about Facebook Messenger and Bot

Hi ! big_smile

I saw

Some questions about Facebook messenger bot using Live Helper Chat bot :

1. Do you know what items are supported? like send video, images,etc.. I suppose that only buttons are compatible right ?

2. Is it possible to get any information from the user facebook profile ?

3. The "channel" to comunicate with the visitor keeps open after time right ? for example, the user talks to a bot, then transfer to an operator, and the operator answer after 4 hours (for example) the message will reach to visitor messenger inbox like a message sent by messenger, am i right ?

Thanks !


#2 2020-09-08 12:21:35

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Re: Question about Facebook Messenger and Bot


1. Read documentation -
2. LHC at the moment only get's name and surname. Also in leads section at fb extension you will see all visitors who wrote you.
3. Yes correct. If there is an error LHC will always show the one if it failed to send a message.


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