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#1 2019-02-13 13:06:26

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After upgrade - I can't answer any more to chats


I made today new upgrade to 3.21 version - but now we are unable to answer chats any more.
I am getting notification about new chat - but when I am clicking to answer to it - it takes long time - and after that its ends with error - I don't have permission....


#2 2019-02-13 13:34:19

From: Italy
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Re: After upgrade - I can't answer any more to chats

Hi spott,
thank you for your post! I am using the version 3.21 and i am not facing any error.

Also version 3.21 is active on the demo: … tem/update
so seems the issue is related to something in your side.

Did you followed correctly every steps suggested in the upgrade guide?

How you upgraded, manually by downloading package?
Try to update again be sure you don't miss file and also update the database.

Is always important to do a full folders and database backup before upgrade, if something is wrong you can revert back and maybe try again the update.

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