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11 - Commercial Support

Commercial Support Info
Live helper chat is an Amazing Open Source Project.
It's not easy to maintain an Open Source Project also when you are busy with work;
you need use your free time for fix issue and implement functions.

The forum is the place where users can share their questions and get support from the other users or from the forum staff member.
Sometimes you need customizations who cannot be assisted in the basic free support.

In that case your request can be forwarded to the commercial support.
Money at the support will help also this amazing free Open Source Project to stay alive!

For free support you can also take a look at Documentation and Forum FAQ

Commercial support will be done directly by the official chat owner.
You can find general commercial info here:

For the price / cost info please visit this page:
General support

yikes  GitHub
If you think that your request should / can be replied for free or it's a bug report please open an issue on GitHub page:

You can also try to contact the chat developer using Discord:

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