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#1 2015-05-05 03:18:20

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[Suggestion] Ability to set an afk message, and some minor bugs.

I go away from the computer a lot through out the day and I always turn the live chat off during these brief breaks not to leave customers waiting. I would like to be able to appear online but be able to set an afk message such as 'I am away from the computer right now, I'll be back in 15 minutes'. This already exists to a degree with the delayed canned messages, but they require going in the options and editing them every time.

Would be nice to be able to just press a button, set an AFK message and go on your way. The message would present to all incoming chat requests. Could even go further by adding a "Go offline after:" option to activate a timer which would turn live chat off and redirect all pending chats to the offline form in events where you get caught up and won't be back on time.


P.S. I found a minor bug that is pretty annoying which I'd appreciate if you could address. When sending a link after text while in auto-translate mode, they appear like this:

Check this out, Check" class="link" target="_blank">[translation]Check this out,[/translation]

Instead of:

Check this out,

And any message containing a clickable link does not get translated fully. If you put the link before the text, it displays properly and gets translated fully however the translated link is non-clickable.


Also I noticed if a potential client visits your page when you have the chat offline, turning it on does not update on the clients browser and the status remains offline unless he/she refreshes the page.

Keep up the good work remdex, appreciate what you're doing.

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#2 2015-05-06 11:06:41

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Re: [Suggestion] Ability to set an afk message, and some minor bugs.

Perhaps you can use the Chrome plugin while this suggestion isn't implemented? It detects whether you're using your PC or not and will make your status appear offline when you're away from your PC.


#3 2015-05-06 17:41:10

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Re: [Suggestion] Ability to set an afk message, and some minor bugs.

To update status on user browser you have to use something like … -348a.html

And yes DhrRob suggestion is the perfect alternative to your problem also.


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