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Single LiveHelperChat installation with multiple domains

Thanks for a great live chat system Remigijus Kiminas.
Works great, although I haven't really tested all the features yet.
Just wanted to write short thank you and some problems I faced and how I manged them so that others in similar situation may benefit.

Here is my scenario:
I have 3 domains in all, 2 with WP and 1 with WHMCS on a subdomain.

Getting LHC to run on the Domain1 & Domain2 with WP installation wasn't a problem. Just inserted the embed code to the footer on my WP theme.
But the problem was that the chat sessions were refreshed when the user changed pages and multiple instances of the same user were showing at the back end.
I had set my domains for Set your domain to enable user tracking across different domain subdomains under Chat Configuration.

After reading thru the forums for answers and trial and error, it worked when I removed the domains from the chat config and add the domain in For what domain you are generating embed code? when generating the embed code.

Now everything is working great. I really liked it, so I tried to use it on my WHMCS v5.3.12 installation as well.
I found Nerijus Oftas's addon for WHMCS Integration at

I managed to install it again from browsing the forum for answers... and managed to get it show up on WHMCS admin by renaming "livehelperchat-master" to "livehelperchat" as the module inside the folder was named livehelperchat.php.

But the widget wasn't showing up on the clientarea. I was sure I had put the correct settings for the addon.
Had to put in the full url when LHC was installed, including the index.php. Finally after playing with the setting I managed to get it to show up on the clientarea, but the chat session problem was there again and so was the multiple instance of the same user.

I looked at the embed code generated by the addon and found that it was missing the domain for which the embed code was for.
So I tweaked  Nerijus Oftas's code alittle here and there to include options for For what domain you are generating embed code? and the domain identifier.
This is what the addon config looks like now.

Now the live chat works on all 3 domains. Most of the problems encountered and solved were just settings.


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