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Run code or mail

Hi, the software is seriously great, but I suspect its so complex that some features are lost in the documentation. I'm sure this is possible but after reading hooks, API, I cannot find something that is so basic that is probably not even covered.

How can you email the staff when a new start chats?

I don't think there is any setting to have a member be notified when a new visitor chat is pending.

Or better, on which file and line should someone add a PHP code they want to execute (like sending an email, or push, or call an API, etc) when a new chat is pending? When I mean new chat, I mean before the chat is accepted, basically a visitor pending in a new chat.


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Re: Run code or mail

Hi Tanashia,
welcome on the live helper chat forum!

You can configure the email notification for pending chat editing the relative department.

- settings
- live help configuration
- departments
- departments

Now select your interested department and go on notification tab

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