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#1 2022-09-11 04:59:58

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Secret hash - site name address

Just wondering to extend Secret hash to 80 character is it's recommended.
-The question is the secret hash could me any random character or it must be generating according to SHA/MD5 standard?
-Also export hash should me same as secret hash?
- In regards of site address and Trusted host, how would set liver helper to be visible to 3 different domain name? as if the original address of livehelper added to the site address, the live helper chat will not appear on other 3 domain names.
could you please elaborate in this matter .

Thank you in advance


#2 2022-09-14 04:44:40

From: Lithuania
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Re: Secret hash - site name address

1. It can be any random string, md5 or sha1 has nothing to do with that.
2. No, it should not be the same
3. Read this how to setup multiple hosts … te-address
site_address is used only if we can't detect current host E.g Cronjobs.


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