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#1 2021-06-22 05:18:05

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whatsapp integration (auto respond/bot respond)

hi, i have successfully integrate with whatsapp using the guide that livehelperchat give.

i would like to find a way to have automated respond for any new created chat through whatsapp same as auto respond setup using department auto respond or to collect custom attribute from whatsapp user respond. is anyway to do it?

another question is, how to append current rest api variable for example, for a reply from operator to users, i want to include operator name in the reply message to the users. anyway to do it?

for example if can append the operator name in restapi call as below ?

{"args": {
    "to": {{}},
    "content": "{{chat.user_id}}:{{msg_url}}"

but seems it's not working


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#2 2021-06-25 09:21:59

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Re: whatsapp integration (auto respond/bot respond)

In recent update I added support  for raw_{{}chat.user_id}} where only content would be json encoded but not wrapped in quotes. … -variables

So yo use operator you could send something like raw_{{}} or raw_{{args.msg.name_support}}


#3 2022-06-14 21:20:10

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Re: whatsapp integration (auto respond/bot respond)

Hello hafriz,

Could you tell me with which guide you performed the successful integration with WhatsApp. Since I see that there are several methods.


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