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#1 2021-11-20 14:40:58

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How to send email notifications of chats to department members?

I have a Page on Facebook,  the email notifications about new chats go only to the admin account. How to make these notifications go to all members of a particular department, or the default department email address, instead of the default admin address? Help me!


#2 2021-11-20 15:06:48

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Re: How to send email notifications of chats to department members?

Hi and welcome to the live helper chat forum!  tongue
You can set the desired email address in department options.
Open the department than on notification tab you can choose relative option.
Is here where you checked to be alerted when a new chat start and get email only to the admin email address?

If you think this is an issue because you are unable to have email sent to the assigned department operator and you don't get an answer from remdex developer here on the next week, you can try to open an issue on GitHub or better ask on discord.
All links are in my forum signature.

Enjoy and take care  wink

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