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#1 2021-08-04 15:03:57

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accept button in chat android or apple

Hi,  See video of the accept button when a new chat request is enabled.

The accept button does not do anything. You can see with the multiple clicks in the video
Then the spinner start and never stops.  It just spins until you leave the screen

My only thought is that since the chat is "auto assigned" that the accept button does not work since there is no one to accept the chat.  Its already been accepted.  Can anyone else confirm this behaviour and is there any other settings to correct this?  Its just confusing is all

See video of the issue here

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#2 2021-08-23 22:29:00

From: Italy
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Re: accept button in chat android or apple

Hi adeptt, sorry for the delay in a response.
If you found an issue with the mobile app you can report on GitHub:

The developer can be busy and some replies sometimes can be missed.
You can also have premium support if you need:
You can find also Discord chat where asking help to the developer

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