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#1 2021-07-16 13:18:32

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Click Login and nothing happenes

We have approx. 20 users.
All users at one site can no longer login, they get the popup box with user name, password, and URL and click OK and nothing happens.
I tried using comparability mode, I try running as Admin.

We have 2 remote users that still work OK.

If I paste the Live Chat URL in their browser the live chat customer questions comes up so they can reach the server.

I had them restart their PC.

I restarted IIS

This is a new issue and not sure what may be causing it.

Hoping someone else had this happen.

Thank you,

** Update, using Fiddler we determined the client is reaching out and talked to the Live Chat server so the issue must be on the server. Any suggestions?

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#2 2021-07-18 15:24:40

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Re: Click Login and nothing happenes

To hard to say, can be that php sessions does not work or you updated version or lhc database, and files or database required does not match.


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