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#1 2021-05-19 05:53:30

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Electron local shortcuts instead of global


Thank you for LHC, it is a great tool!
I have installed the electron desktop app (Windows) yesterday and was wondering why I could not reload my normal browser windows with F5 anymore.
Then i noticed that in Office, i couldn't use CTRL + H, but CTRL + F was working fine. AND THEN it hit me that I had used CTRL + H during the setup.

A quick glance at the docs and the code showed the use of global shortcuts in electron which took the shortcut from the window it was meant for.

I would suggest a switch to local shortcuts that only work when the window is in focus OR if that is not possible the option to disable the global shortcuts OR use shortcuts that are unlikely to be used anywhere else.

Best regards.



#2 2021-05-20 09:49:45

From: Italy
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Re: Electron local shortcuts instead of global

Hi riess,
the developer can be busy at the moment, on those days.

Personally i prefer use a browser for managing chat: i installed a browser just for chats so I don't use and don't know well the electron desktop app (Windows).
I tested when was released but I feel more free and with more freedom in navigation by using a normal dedicated browser.

If you find something is not working as expected you can maybe try to open an issue on GitHub:

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