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#1 2020-06-15 12:47:14

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Departement already active

Hello LHC Team !

I have a little question. I created a department for my team with 5 working days ( from monday to friday - 9am to 6pm ) and i put in the department config a bot.
I put a widget on my website (new version)  parameters below

After several test, my department seems to be already online due to the bot...

How can I do to have a message form when no operator is online ?

Is it possible if no operator is online to redirect users to another url ?

Thanks for help

LHC version : 3.38
Online chat integrated with : Widget embed code (new)

  • On each refresh start a new chat. Users will loose chat session browsing through pages : Uncheck

  • Check for operator invitation messages. If you are planning to send messages to online visitors manually you can check this : Uncheck

  • Show a ‘leave a message form’ when there are no online operators : Uncheck

  • Disable proactive invitations : Check


#2 2020-06-15 15:42:03

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Re: Departement already active


If you use bot department is always visible as online. I'm not sure how exactly widget should behave in your case because if there is assigned bot widget is always seen as online. If you do not use bot you can just use … -arguments


Usually what others do, they have separate trigger to transfer chat to pending state and it checks is there any real operator online if not. It just writes sorry but there is no operators online at the moment. Respect operators status and ignore bot status it's not foreseen thing as what's the point to use bot in that case..


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