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#1 2019-06-16 06:38:42

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where to get chat link and upload pictures can be directly display?


        Now the chat code is js code, may I ask where to get the direct chat link of chat ?   

        Similar to the link below:
        <a href="http://domain name/index.php?p=link&sp=1&ssp=en">Chat with Us.</a>
        In addition how to upload pictures can be directly displayed in the chat window ?

        Thank you very very very much!


#2 2019-06-16 08:37:32

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Re: where to get chat link and upload pictures can be directly display?

Hi feilink, welcome on the live helper chat forum!
The chat link can be get in the pop up window or or just remove the site_admin section from the operator URL.
There is no a specific place where you can generate the direct link.

About the uploading of the picture are you meaning the operator picture or an image in the chat?
You can use the smile icon and than choose the picture symbol ... but this is to attach an image with an URL. You can upload an attachment in the operator console by using the attached icon.

Hope this can help.

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