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#1 2019-05-28 15:35:02

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Assign chats to default users


We are using version 3.06. The same installation of the chat is providing chat support for a set of websites in different languages.
We have created a Department for every language and assigned an operator to each one of it. Everything works fine, but we would like to associate some operators to more than one department(language), acting as "default" users in one department (so by default new chats in that department will be assigned to that user) and as "backup" users in another one (so the chat will be assigned to them only if the "default" user is not answering/rejecting that chat). Would that be possible?



#2 2019-05-28 15:58:21

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Re: Assign chats to default users

Hi it2, welcome on the live helper chat forum!
Seems you are using a very old version of live helper chat as the latest version is the version 3.22 that require a supported PHP version:

I am not sure to can support you on an old version also my free support are limited.
You can assign operator to more than one department. If you need custom workflow like assign chat to some operator this maybe can be not possibile with the standard version provided.
There are commercial support for customizations.

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