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#1 2019-01-08 13:55:50

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Overlaped Content

Hello, I'm new in the forum, but already using LHC about a year.

And now I made a new site for one of my costumers, that you can see here (test site):

Now the problem:
- If you open in a normal browser or tablet everything is OK,
- But. there is always a but.... if you open in a mobile the content doesn't appear in the correct place but automatically overlap all the content.

I was (and a few blocs app forum members) playing around with the code and integration, but it appears there is either a missing definition, styling which has the widget overlap in mobile or a definition, styling which overrides the Blocs default.

Can someone help me please?

I use the demo page of LHC in the chat widget.

Many Thanks in advance.

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#2 2019-01-08 14:14:31

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Re: Overlaped Content

Hi webtekpc ,
welcome on the live helper chat forum !

Thank you for your question! I am sorry but i cannot help with this on my basic free limited support.
You can try other forums about theme or programming.
You can look at the commercial support if you need custom help or if you found an issue. Links on my forum signature.

I am sorry to be unable to help with this.

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