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Suggestion to help new users

Very good free web chat software.
While it has its gotchas here and there, the most prominent flaw that repulses me in general and hinders (slows down) my energy to adopt the chat, is the Very poor and confusing english throughout the site and documentation! It's just staggering.
Please do something about it. If there are donations, please use the funds to hire an editor. If the chat proves useful for us, I'll be glad to donate as well.
One little example - You just can't use "then" instead of "when" everywhere.
Thank you.

P.S. Also a bug report if you allow me to put it here.
I installed LHC on a server 2008 R2 with PHP 7.1. Enabled XMPP messages. Then it wasn't working right, error log was full of errors. In one class there are few class properties declared as strings but used as arrays in following methods. I presumably fixed this by replacing
protected property = '';
protected property = array();

The offending file was \lib\core\lhxmp\XMPPHP\XMLStream.php
Please review this file so other users will not lose hours to make things work. Thanks.

P.S.2. Another critical glitch.
I've tested Online hours for the single default Department and set Ignore users online status in favor of Online hours. It worked.
Then I decided to revert back to respecting users' online status to be reflected in the website chat box.
I disabled Online Hours and the checkbox for Ignore users online status....
I logged in the back office panel and the website chat box still says "Live help is offline'.
What to do now?

P.S.3. The desktop client is buggy. When I exit it, it doesn't seem to terminate its process in Task Manager (Win7 X64). At one time I encountered 6-7 old lhc.exe processes. This way it messes up with online status of default department! I had to kill all processes manually. Very bad.

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Re: Suggestion to help new users

Hi teglicha,
welcome in the live helper chat forum!

Thank you for your feedback.
BUG report should be opened on GitHub please, here there are no possibility to manage it.

The windows desktop app is not updated please use the web admin interface.

Thank you  smile
Wish to you a nice day and time.

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