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#1 2022-03-03 16:23:14

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Notification settings questions

There seems to be two notification setups, are both needed?

In Settings/Live Help configuration, under Chat is Chat configuration, there's a button "Request notification permission", and when pressed, you can give permission for browser notifications for LHC. I've done that, and it's working fine.

Then, also in Settings/Live Help configuration, under Notifications is Settings. That goes to a page where there's a couple checkboxes and some fields to fill out, and a link to "Download Service Worker", and it says "you will have to put this file in your domain root folder."

Are both of the above needed? Do they enable different sorts of notifications? And when it says to put that js file in the domain root folder, doesn't that have to be called in the head or footer? And if so, the js file could be put in a resource folder, right? If it does just go in the domain root, without being called in the head or footer, that would probably be a problem on our site, as we use a CSP nonce for js files.

Thanks for any clarification on these things.


#2 2022-03-04 09:16:46

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Re: Notification settings questions

Request notification permission, present also if you open your operator profile under notification tab, is useful for activate browser notifications about new chat and also new visitors.
I use always this option when my browser is reset or PC is.

About Download Service Worker, JS I don't know, I don't use this.

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