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#1 2021-05-22 17:29:06

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Style of the form in the livehelperchat

Hi Guys,

how can I change the style of the forms in the Livehelperchat? My form is working but unfortunately I can´t give an other style to the form with the "content column" in the form settings.

Is this anywhere else possible?

Thank you in advance.



#2 2021-05-22 18:50:32

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Re: Style of the form in the livehelperchat

Hi Tom, thank you for your question.
A quick reply from me: for what you can do by yourself and free you can consult the documentation ->

If you need customization that you cannot do or is not indicated in the documentation maybe you may valuate the commercial support:

You can also wait and see if some other replies will be added on next days, maybe from the developer who seems to be busy in this period.
The free support on the forum is limited smile

I don't know if you can customize more the form style, maybe not.
Please take a look at the documentation.

Have a nice time and a nice week end too!

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