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#1 2019-02-19 14:14:28

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Hi All
Is it possible for chatbox not to show user as anonymous but to make it that it picks up username or something so that we can identify the returning user.Can admin delete certain chats from chatbox


#2 2019-02-19 14:36:57

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Re: Chatbox

Hi Lilo,
welcome back. Thank you for your message.

At the moment as the chat box works for visitors without a registration needed i think you can't have an avatar.
At the moment i think also is not possible recognize a retuning user: you may need a customization.. also with chat box there are some issue:

- visitor can change his nickname and take also nicknames of others user
- The operator can join the chat from live helper chat operator console from the left menù: modules: chat box where you can also customize some settings. User are able to take the username of Manager or the username that should be reserved only to operators.

You can ask improvements about chatbox on GitHub. You can consider the commercial support too.

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