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#1 2018-10-19 19:02:52

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osTicket Extension - Can't Create Ticket If User Not In Database

osTicket typically creates the user upon a new ticket creation via email.

I am able to get the osTicket extension for Live Helper Chat to work just fine.

The only issue is that if the user is NOT already in the osTicket database/directory, the extension errors out.

When you go to click on "create ticket", you get the following error:

[== Undefined ==]
Unable to create ticket: Unable to create new ticket: validation errors:

user: Incomplete client information.

This is not an issue with having the correct fields in the contact form; I'm aware of that, and have the fields matched up perfectly between Live Chat Helper and osTicket.

I've tested this because after I manually add the user to the user-database within osTicket, when i click on "Create Ticket" after that, it works just fine and creates the ticket.


#2 2018-10-19 19:54:51

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Re: osTicket Extension - Can't Create Ticket If User Not In Database

Hi pietro_aretino ,
welcome on the live helper chat forum!

You can report bug or issue about the OsTicket plugin on this page:

I do not use this plugin, i just setup Osticket to open a ticket if an offline message is sent. I done this without any plugin just by using the OsTicket filters.

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