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#1 2018-04-11 00:53:22

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Fraud or Scam

I had a chat with someone angry and claim to have been scammed here ...i tracked down his chat and landed on
I hope this is not a scam and can someone assist client


#2 2018-04-11 09:51:37

From: Italy
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Re: Fraud or Scam

Hi Lilo,
thank you for the report. I see something of strange because the chat ask for IMEI, Device and talk also about Google. There are no contact page or info about this website.

Live helper chat is only the software maybe used in the wrong way.
If scam is occurred the person who find abuse should report to the hosting of this website: we from here cannot doing anything.

You can try to find what is the hosting company and send an abuse report if you think the website is wrong.
Here some website I found for find the hosting of a website:
Article here: … -and-more/

So if some abuse happen the site should be reported to the hosting company.
If you believe is phishing you can also report to Google: … ish/?hl=en

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