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07 - Operator to Operator chat

Live helper chat has a Documentation for this and is located here: … -150a.html

Here is simple tutorial how Operator To Operator chat works.

The initial process starts by listing online operators. To see this tab

    - Online operators listing has to be enabled. "Configuration" -> "Chat configuration" -> List online operators, 0 - no, 1 - yes.
    - User has to have "Users, groups management" module "Allow user to see logged operators list"

For give the "Allow user to see logged operators list" permission you need follow this steps:
you need the admin rights than go on... so you need to be logged as Administrator
Settings >> list of roles >> Operator (edit rule button) >> New policy

Now scroll down the combobox (dropdown menu) and you will find "Users, groups management"
once in you can check the relative option "Allow user to see logged operators list"
than save.

Now operator has to log-out and log-in again.
Of course you have to check in the user profile they are assigned to the operator group or your edit of permission will do nothing.

Now if you are logout from the user who are unable to see operator online (who should be assigned to the Operator Group in their profile) and log in again you will be able to see the icon for chat with another operator online.

Remember in the Users, groups management you have different permission.
If you continue to not see operatr maybe you need also add this permission under Users, groups management.

- Allow user to see logged operators list, not only from his department
- Allow user to see logged operators list, only from his department

If still not work you need:
go on settings
live help configuration tab, chat configuration, misc tab
look for Home page tabs order
here you need to put


on Home page tabs order
you need to add (if still not present)


Save and all should work

Hope it helps.

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