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04 - When your topic or post is invalid for help and answer to you.

sometimes can be happen that a topic has a very poor description or title without necessary details for give to you a proper help!

1 . Your post language should be understandable in English language.
2 . Be sure to be much detailed as possible by including steps for reproduce the issue you are encountering or describe well your questions.
3. The title of the topic should be detailed and not too much generic. Should be clear and descriptive and should identify the issue/question

When you start a topic or you post a request,
please be sure to be much detailed as possible by including steps for reproduce the issue you are encountering or describe well your questions.
4 . Also please include the URL where your chat widget is installed and should appear so  we can make more check.

If that is not happening your request can stay unanswered!

5. Code requests:
Forum is the place where you can open questions about how you can do things by using the provided functions and settings in LHC.

Some users sometimes are asking questions about the code of LHC because they want edit the way with LHC works or the way it looks like but, this is out of the free support of this forum.
Please consider that Live helper chat is an open source project. The chat owner is very busy and may be not able to participate in long and complex discussions here for explain code or where you can edit it.

If you need a customized LHC with settings (or different look) different from what you are able to do with settings customizations maybe you need the commercial support or if you have a feature request you can simply visit the official Live helper website and reach the official GitHub page.

The Forum is a place where users can be helped by other users or discuss when you are not able to understand some settings or you have issues.

You can find just a basic help here,
thank you for understanding!  angel

In that case you will be maybe redirected at this message and you will need to update your topic by compiling the missed information.
In the case warns are not stopping user from post bad topic actions can be taken for stopping the abuse of this support forum.
Thank you for understanding!

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