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#1 2015-12-23 12:49:32

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[Suggestion] Last visited page in Visitors's list panel

The only great thing is missing is the "current page" seen in the VISITOR LIST
I know you can click on each visitor and see what pages he is visiting, BUT YOU HAVE TO.
With LHC you do not have the whole vision about what's happening on your site.

With others chat software clients, you have the list of visitiors, and for each one you get the current visited page.
With LHC; Its'only a matter of moving that info from "Visitor detail panel"  to "Visitors list panel". Just include the "last visited page" in that panel.
By doing that you get the whole control on what's happening on the site.
Without this feature, you do not, since you have to go on and on checking if something problematic is happening to any of your customers (ie: a visitor is stuck at registration, OR a visitor is doubtful about shipping costs in shipping page, and such)

By clicking on the visitors' detail panel, then you can see the full visited pages list.
Should be great (and hopefully simple) to do



#2 2015-12-26 19:47:58

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Re: [Suggestion] Last visited page in Visitors's list panel


but there is under each visitor it's current page. Or perhaps you can upload a screenshot what you mean hmm.


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