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#1 2022-10-31 01:18:10

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AWS Translation error 503

Hello everyone.
We are testing automatic translation with AWS. After configuring region, access and secret, we use the translate button to test at "Translation settings", then we get "We’ll be back soon!" and in the browser console "POST https://.../index.php/site_admin/translation/configuration 503".
At server logs we found "PHP message: Error: Class 'Aws\\Translate\\TranslateClient' not found in /var/www/vhosts/.../.../lib/core/lhtranslate/lhawstranslate.php:52".
We can't use any other translation service because we only have subscripcion to AWS, but if we configure Google, we get error about wrong API key, so we think the translation service is communicating well but there is some ptoblem with the AWS client.
Anybody facing the same issue?
Thank you.


#2 2022-10-31 07:27:22

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Re: AWS Translation error 503

Just modify … poser.json and add AWS dependency. As this service I usually use with elasticSearch extension which already uses AWS library.


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