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#1 2019-12-25 07:20:34

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nothing happens!


First in /lhc_web/index.php it said chat was offline.

After going through a few forum posts, i realized that i need to set working hours, department, etc. which I did.

Subsequently, the chat form appears with "fill out this form to start chat", then the fields for name, question, department, etc., but after clicking "start chat", nothing happens!

The siteadmin who is supposed to receive the chat is logged in (same user is the admin user for livechat as well)

Any help/ideas will help a lot please



#2 2019-12-25 09:04:36

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Re: nothing happens!

Hi venkcc, welcome on the live helper chat forum!
What version of live helper chat have you installed?
What is the PHP version?

You need to be assigned to the department for be able to receive a chat.
You can check in settings, department also in the operator profile on top right and see if you are assigned.

If you are new can take some time understand the software but should be not difficult.
Don't worry, i can help here for the basic support.  wink

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