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#1 2019-01-29 11:17:46

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REST API support for development

Hi everyone!
I'm working on an integration and I'd like to write a custom UI for the user side (operator side is ok as it is).
I was looking here / and it looked awesome, but when I downloaded the product I couldn't find anything like that. The <myhost>/restapi URL doesn't seem to exist; the content of the /rest_api directory (that contains example.php) seems to use a module for PHP, but even that doesn't look to offer support for all the endpoints listed in the / swagger.

I'd like to call those endpoints on my local environment, front-end side (ie simple javascript). For example, I was imagining something like doing a HTTP POST request to <myhost>/restapi/addmsguser, passing some parameters, to send a message in a chat, just like I see from the swagger (using curl):


If I try replicating the requests I see from my browser, they look very different; for example, this is the destination URL when I send a message as user:


Is there any documentation about this? I've already checked out (I can't post links here):


Maybe the downloadable version isn't the same running on

Thanks everyone in advance smile

EDIT: nevermind! Looks like I've found something on <host>/index.php/restapi/swagger. Just going to <host>/index.php/restapi redirected me to <host>/index.php, so I got confused smile looks like I have everything I need to work!

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#2 2019-01-29 12:32:28

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Re: REST API support for development

Hi Gianmarco.Nicoletti ,
thank you for your message! Welcome on the live helper chat!

I am happy to read you have solved.
Enjoy live helper chat.

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