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#1 2019-10-15 13:45:07

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27 - What to do if you cannot reset operator password

Hi to all,
on this days i had issue on resetting operator password.

Requested a new password and receved by email the link to reset the password than a page show the message that inform a new password has ben emailed.
No email was on my inbox.

Start to think the issue was in the live helpoer chat or in my server.
Email logs start to made me afraid of something compromised.

Nothing of all of this, my client Thunderbird filtered all email with password in the spam folder so, please check there.

If you still have issue You need to disable cache
you can edit the file lhc_web/modules/lhuser/remindpassword.php

adding here after
the two lines:

			$password = erLhcoreClassModelForgotPassword::randomPassword(10);
echo $password ;

The password should be now showed in the web browser when you repeat the recovery procedure.
Remember to rever back cache and to remove the added string echo $password ;

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